: Animator, Technician
: Projection Mapping, VJ Set
: 2015 - Red Bull Music Academy

Red Bull Music Academy: Ring2Rav3

Projection Mapped VJ Set
Red Bull Music Academy paid tribute to a bygone era of illegal raves inspired by the heyday of underground music and club culture with its #0800R1NG2RAV3 series.

My collaboration with the Red Bull culture team brought forth a collection of graphics to accompany DJ sets by Bok Bok, L-VIS 1990, Slimzee + AJ Tracey and Kowton.

Using macro photography, I extracted colours and shades from flowers, creating a less-manufactured glow so often seen in the strobe-heavy world of rave graphics. 

These videos were processed using a pixel delay to create textures that could meld with the night.

Software Used

After Effects, VDMX

Performed at
Temple Works, Leeds
& Bloc, London

Curated by
Red Bull Music Academy



[Fig.1 - 3] Unprocessed Visuals

[Fig.4] Promotional Flyer

[Fig.10 - 13] Event Photos, Temple Works, Leeds

[Fig.5 - 9] Event Photos, Bloc, London

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