: Researcher, Visual Designer

:  Prototypes & New Systems

:  2015 - MA Material Futures

Re-Designing Death

Can we re-design the legacy we leave behind?

Momento Mori
is a re-design of death in the age of social media.

• Web & App Prototype
• Object Protoype
• New System Proposal
Our lives are archived on social media and continue to impact loved ones after we die.

How would we curate and design our personal legacies as a response to this digital immortality?

Paul Bennett,
Chief Creative Officer of IDEO once questioned:
“...I know that we can’t choose the what, why, or when of our death, but can we do more to design the how?”

Software Used

After Effects, Photoshop, Invision

Wood Work, Lathe

Presented to

Caroline Till
Course Leader
MA Material Futures,
Central Saint Martins &
Co-Founder, Franklin Till Studio

Amy Congdon
Jewellery and Textiles Programme, Associate Lecturer, MA Material Futures,
Central Saint Martins

Kieren Jones
Senior Lecturer & Tutor
MA Material Futures,
Central Saint Martins


[Fig.1 - 3] Monument Research & Development

[Fig.9, 10] Photography of Object Prototype

[Fig.4 - 8] Making of Object Prototype

[Fig.11] Moodboard

[Fig.12 - 16] New System Proposal




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