: Researcher, Photographer, Designer

: Prototypes & Video

: 2015 - MA Material Futures

Optimise your health

Can the potential of synthetic neurobiology in Optogenetics lead to better design systems for patients with depression?

is a speculative healthcare system empowering patients with depression by shifting prescriptive responsibility and building community.

It is a critical commentary on the future healthcare and self-medication.

• Web & App Prototype
• Video Teaser

Our team looked at overcoming social obstacles faced by patients with depression by allowing them to regain control and take responsibility for their recovery.

Through a non-invasive method of prescription, we’re seeking the possibility of replacing pills while enabling patients to feel a freedom within the boundaries of depression.


After Effects, Photoshop

Presented to

Professor Carole Collet
Design For Sustainable Futures Director, Design & Living Systems Lab College,    
Central Saint Martins

Professor Rob Kesseler
UAL Chair of Art, Design
& Science, Central Saint Martins

In Collaboration with
Lesley Ann Daly


[Fig.1 - 3] Product Photography, Art Direction

[Fig.4, 5] Art Direction,  Information Book

[Fig. 6] Moodboard

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