: Animator, Technician

: Projection, Installation

: 2016 - Arts Council England

In Rainbows

Projection, Installation

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Intersection was an exhibition by Made in Arts London.

In Rainbows is a physicalisation of my print work, Soma - a collective series of surface tension observations in macro. 

The life-sized representation of Soma, allows the viewer to share my observations through a magnified lens. The installation acts as an interface for momentary gaze. The slowness of the projection is a desire for pause.

Software Used

After Effects

Exhibited at
Hoxton Arches, London

Curated by
Made In Arts London

Commissioned by
Arts Council England

Featured on
UAL Postgraduate Community 
Made In Arts London Blog



[Fig.1 - 5] Hoxton Arches, Exhibition View




[Fig.6 - 8] Installation Detail


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