: Animation,  Processing, 3D Scanning

: Video, Installation

: 2016 - The Museum & Study Collection, CSM

Chroma (i, ii, iii)

Video (Triptych)
Digital Edition of 80, Series of 3

Chroma is available as a limited edition digital artwork on Ascribe.

Staging the Archive
was an exhibition that challenged new perspectives for The Museum & Study Collection.

Inspired by Zengke Jin’s weave reproductions from the museum’s archive, I deconstructed the materiality of each piece using principles of form, texture and tactility.

Software Used

After Effects
3D Scanning via Photogrammetry
Macro Photography

Exhibited at
The Museum & Study Collection, 
Central Saint Martins, London

Curated by
Antonio Castro
BA Textiles, Central Saint Martins

Artist Talk
Roundtable Discussion @ CSM, London



[Fig.1 - 3] Photography of Weave, Observing Details, Point Photogrammetry


[Fig.4,5] 3D Scanning Output


[Fig.6] Processing GLSL Heightmap (Original Script by Amnon Owed)


[Fig.7] Processing GLSL HeightmapNoise (Original Script by Amnon Owed)


[Fig.8] Processing GLSL TextureMix (Original Script by Amnon Owed)

All projects copyright 2016. Imprint

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