“…Materials are both medium and tool - passive and active - since they can be constantly amended from solid to ephemeral, from static to lively, from dark to light, from shapeless to formed.” - Bruce W. Ferguson in his introduction to Cornelia Parker’s Improbus Materia.


frompamm is a quiet creature existing in multiple dimensions. Her interdisciplinary work traverses art & design in the age of creative coding with a specific interest in minimalistic representation, exploring themes in light, sound, structure and technology, creating site-experiential work that celebrates the harmony between analogue and digital dreams.

Concerned with relationships (numerical or physical) and natural phenomena from a social, cultural and technological perspective, frompamm focuses her work around behavioural systems, notions of control and the language of un-conscious pattern in a postmodern society.

From initial studies in graphic communication, illustration and typography, frompamm has developed a personal language that goes beyond projection-mapped sculptures to screen prints, photography, performance, video and installations.

An independent graphic designer, illustrator, video maker, record collector, co-founder and creative director of all-girl DJ bootcamp FFF, host to now defunct freeform radio programme - “Suki Suki Daisuke” on Sonar.sg, baritone bass DJ Suki Quasimodo, co-founder and curator of experimental noise & sound broadcast, Ausschreitungen.

As Suki Quasimodo, her contribution to Singapore's electronic music scene include self-funded experimental project, Ausschreitungen and ghetto-tech heavy, DATDATDAT. She is also 1/4 of the collective “FFF” that holds the region’s foremost all-girl DJ bootcamp, developing new waves of female talents in the local music industry.


frompamm received her BA{Honours} in Graphic Communication from Loughborough University - UK, in 2008 graduating top 10 of her cohort, after studies in Visual Communication at Temasek Polytechnic - Singapore.

Her work has been exhibited globally including the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) and Oxo Tower Wharf Bargehouse in London, Motto Bookstore in Berlin, Tiger Translate Museum in Singapore and Design Festa Gallery in Tokyo. Relevant artist commissions from curators include Melissa Shoes, Nixon, Kult Sg, Stabilo, Motto, TCC Gallery, NAFA, Tiger Translate and Esplanade.

Current Endeavour

She is currently pursuing an MA in Art & Science at Central Saint Martins in London, under the mentorship of Nathan Cohen, Heather Barnett & Eleanor Crook.

Available for collaboration, freelance work or just chats in art, music and eating via onceinahouseonahill {at} gmail.com